Health, Safety & Environment

Norsafe Grop HSE Policy can be downloaded here

Health, Safety and Environment is a priority at Norsafe. HSE policies are implemented at every level of the Norsafe organisation, and operate in tandem with the companies’ business activities. The implementation of HSE policy is the responsibility of each departmental manager, as according to organisational guidelines.

It is structured in keeping with Norsafe`s internal procedures and national regulations. Continual improvement within the HSE process means that Norsafe are focused on the health and safety of employees, creating a enjoyable and safe working environment.

All employees share responsibility for this policy being realised. Collectively this ensures that nobody is hurt, the environment is not polluted and property is not damaged. No activities shall be executed where staff or the environmental safety are at risk. Norsafe management shall protect each employee’s position concerning HSE activity so that these goals are realised.

Norsafe`s concept for HSE

  • Safety for people’s lives, health and working environment
  • Safety for the external environment
  • Safety for property and material
  • Safety for the users of our products

Norsafe as
Dag Songedal, CEO.