Mandatory Parts

Norsafe lifeboats are built strictly according to the SOLAS requirements following the highest quality procedures, not only during their production, but also after installation on-board.

In order to assure the quality of the Norsafe lifesaving systems and the safety of their operation throughout their lifetime cycle, certain procedures need to be followed for inspection, maintenance and replacement of the below mentioned parts after specific years of operation.

This list is based on our safety experience as manufacturer of 20.000 boats, current SOLAS requirements, familiarity with our products and preventive maintenance philosophy.
Provided that our requirements and recommendations are followed, Norsafe service stations will be able to issue ‘’statement of serviceability’’ for the equipment inspected. .
According to IMO MSC.1/Circ.1206, annual and five control shall be carried out by Norsafe trained and authorized personnel, and as an aid to keep your Boats and Davits in the best possible safe condition, we propose to have our recommended spares available on-board for use during the weekly / monthly maintenance, and that the mandatory spares as pr the following list are available before the inspection takes place.

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