Corporate Logo

Registered Trademark
The Norsafe Group logo, and Norsafe subsidiary logos are registered trademarks. Our logo has a strong tradition and in printed material we usually combine the logo with a typographic version of our company name – often followed by our slogan “BETTER BY DESIGN”

The logos can only be used if the following guidelines are followed.

  • The Norsafe logo can be used either with the sub text “Lifeboatbuilder since 1903” or our web address
  • As a main rule the logo is to be printed in blue PMS 280 CV or similar CMYK values.
  • Please note that the colour can vary in the printing process, depending on the material it is printed on.
  • The Norsafe typographic logo shall as a main rule primary be used in combination with the company’s slogan “BETTER BY DESIGN”.

Company logos
When the Norsafe logo represent our individual companies world wide it is allowed to combine the logo with the company name as subtitle.

Use of logo
It is important that the contrast between logo and background is sufficient when logo in colours appears on coloured backgrounds. Note that this also include use of logo in black/white negative. Be aware of the positioning of the logo on photos. The logo shall always be positioned in a neutral part of the image.

Logo scaling, aspect ratio
The logo symbol and the text shall always be used in correct proportionality. Proportional scaling is important to take care of our most important visual signature. The space around the logo is equal to a third of the logo size.