Norsafe D- cantilever davit for life boats

The Norsafe D- cantilever davit is specifically designed for safe and efficient launch and retrieval of partially and totally enclosed lifeboats. It is intended for long term, reliable operation in harsh and hazardous marine and offshore environments. The davit system is designed in accordance with latest SOLAS and classification society requirements.

The davit system comprises two fixed arms and an electrically powered winch operating two wire falls. The davit is intended lifeboats and rescueboats onboard platforms and similar installations where fixed davit arms offer the best solution

Optional approval, according to latest SOLAS, for rescue function

The system provides:

  • Launch of life boat in maximum load condition.
  • Gravity lowering of the loaded life boat independent of external power supply.
  • Retrieval of life boat including crew with electric power.
  • Retrieval of the life boat by manual hand-cranking.

Typical specification - subject to revision according to customer requirement.
All products are subject to continuous review. Norsafe as reserves the right to change specification without prior notice.