LH- Luffing davits for life boats

The Norsafe LH luffing davit is specifically designed for safe and efficient launch and retrieval of totally enclosed life boats.  It is intended for long term, reliable operation in harsh and hazardous marine and offshore environments.  The davit system is designed in accordance with latest Solas and IMO requirements.
The davit is designed for a compact installation.  It can normally be installed within two decks, and the length and width will not need more space than the boat itself.

Optional approval, according to latest SOLAS, for rescue function

The system provides:

  • Gravity lowering of the loaded life boat independent of external power supply.
  • Recovery of the empty life boat with crew of 3.
  • Retrieval of the life boat by manual hoisting.

The davit system has one hydraulic cylinder on each davit arm, and an electric driven winch with double wire fall.  Swing-out of the hydraulic cylinders are driven by nitrogen accumulators, which again are manually charged by a hydraulic power pack.
This allows full operation of the davit in “dead ship” conditions,
Lowering speed is controlled by the centrifugal brake integrated in the winch.

Typical specification - subject to revision according to customer requirement.
All products are subject to continuous review. Norsafe as reserves the right to change specification without prior notice.