NDSC-R-23 Slewing davits for life rafts

The Norsafe NDSC slewing davit is specifically designed for safe and efficient launch of life rafts. It is intended for long term, reliable operation in harsh and hazardous marine and offshore environments. The davit system is designed in accordance with latest Solas and IMO requirements.

The davit system has a manually driven, mechanical slewing jib and a manually driven winch with single wire fall.The lowering is based on gravity only, which allows full operation of the davit in “dead ship” conditions.

The system provides:

  • Gravity lowering of the fully loaded raft, controlled from within the raft or controlled by the operator on the deck, completely independent of any power supply.
  • High-speed manually retrieval of the empty hook. Low-sped retrieval of the full load (Convenient for training / testing purpose)
  • A centrifugal brake is located within the hydraulic winch drum. The brake controls the speed of descent for the rescue boat. The oil submerged brake gives reliable operation in all climate conditions and the oil cooling allows repeated launch and retrieval of the rescue boat without overheating.
Structural steel : Q345 or equivalent
Outfitting steel : Q235 or equivalent
Paint system : Sandblasted to Sa 2.5, painted with 1 x 50µ DFT Zink Epoxy Primer.
Optional painting according to customer requirement
Max Lowering : SWL 23KN at 4m working radius.
Adjusted to actual boat weight.
Dead Ship lowering speed : Stepless variable from the raft 0-60 m/min
Maximum operational list and trim : ±20° / ±10°
Operational temperature range : -20°C to +50°C

Winch data
Winch : Manually driven. SOLAS Approved

Power consumption
Total power consumption max load lifeboat : No el supply necessary. Manually driven

Typical specification - subject to revision according to customer requirement. 
All products are subject to continuous review. Norsafe as reserves the right to change specification without prior notice.