Norsafe has developed a range of products in accordance with Norsok R-002 requirements and the Norwegian PSA guidelines.

The product range includes:

  • Conventional type lifeboat davits that fit Jack-up rigs when free fall launching is not an option. Conventional type davits are also a weight efficient solution for weight sensitive installations like older semi submersibles or older generation bottom fixed rigs. C-7,8 12T system and C-9,7 15T system

  • State of the art weight efficient davits for free fall lifeboats, providing exceptional access for maintenance and material handling. SW-50 system suitable for GES 50 MKIII

  • Davits for man over board boats NDC-40-NO Cantilever 4T system and NDA-40-NO Slewing frame 4T system

Norsafe maintains its Research & Development efforts to optimise its products to the new regulations providing a technical solution for each project.