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Norsafe Customer Service Centre provides all service, claims handling and after sales activities, including boat refurbishment and upgrade at our main plant in Arendal, Norway. Our network includes an extensive network of service stations throughout the world.

24/7 Service telephone: +47 37 05 63 33

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SOLAS Regulation 20 Requirements

Every year there are horrific lifeboat accidents, causing injury and even fatality. The equipment failure that result in these accidents is caused by improper and insufficient maintenance. SOLAS Regulation addresses this problem. There are minimum maintenance requirements for all lifeboats and davits. It's a requirement for maintenance to be undertaken by competent persons.

Norsafe AS enjoys a 100-year history in the lifeboat industry. Today Norsafe is a recognized world authority, famous for technological development and a high quality, professional approach. Norsafe recognizes its duty to provide specialist advice and technical assistance to operators of lifeboats, davits and winches.

Norsafe is an ideal partner for the maintenance of lifesaving equipment, providing:

- Fully skilled technical staff with years of practical experience and training, with performance guaranteed by the
Norsafe quality system.
- Effective maintenance programs for fleet operators, with all costs according to menu price system.
- Full SOLAS compliant upgrading of lifeboats and davits
- Worldwide, 48 hour service for the delivery of spare parts.
- Global network of appointed service stations.

The experience available from Norsafe's years of knowledge enables our customers to ensure their lifesaving equipment is provided the simple, cost effective, but essential maintenance to meet SOLAS requirements and guarantee the safety of the ship's crew. Few other companies are able to provide Norsafe's depth of resources, which defines the competence in maintenance required by SOLAS.

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