Norsafe safety policy

Norsafe AS is strictly following the IMO intensions with MSC 1206 with respect of yearly Inspection and Control of our LSA delivered.

Norsafe has Certified and Authorized more than 50 Service Stations World Wide in order to take care of the Yearly Inspection of Norsafe Products delivered to Ships and Oilrigs .

The Norsafe Products that are Inspected and Accepted yearly by Norsafe Companies or Service Companies Authorized and Certified by Norsafe for such work , will normally carry the Norsafe Product Liability.

Norsafe Products that are not yearly Inspected and Accepted by Norsafe Authorized Personnel, will instantly lose their Norsafe Product Liability and also any other possible Norsafe Warranties or Guaranties.

Arendal, 31st December 2008

Geir Skaala

Norsafe Safety level policy on mandatory spare parts for periodical inspections
Norsafe lifeboats are built strictly according to the SOLAS requirements following the highest quality procedures, not only for our production lines but also for the lifelong safety of our products after the installation onboard.
For this reason, we assure you the quality of the Norsafe lifeboats, and the equipment belonging there to, will be considered as safe when following our procedures for inspection, maintenance and replacement of below mention parts.
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