LED Lighting


In emergency situations the lack of lighting can be a frightening experience and it is also difficult to attend to injured personnel, especially at night. In collaboration with its customers Norsafe has outfitted lifeboats with LED lighting that lights up the entire lifeboat from stern to aft. LED light technology is one of the most energy efficient ways of providing light and the LED lights provided by Norsafe are powered by a supplementary on-board battery. The LED lights can stay on continuously for one week without charging.

• Very high light output (18 x 1 Watt LED’s)
• 700 lumen/Warm white - 830 lumen/White
• High quality special selected LED’s
• Up to 8 meters with single ended power supply
• Practical LED-life of 50.000 hours
• Power consumption only 26 Watts / meter
• Beam angle of 120º without secondary optics
• Fits in our TDE LED-line aluminium profiles in combination with our modular covers and secondary optics
• Module length of 420 mm (a module can be cut in 3 identical pieces of 140 mm each)
• Easy interconnection between modules with onboard male and female connectors
• For smooth brightness control TDE produces a wide range of LED-drivers and controllers. All drivers can output up to 320 Watts of power, deliverable in 3, 4, 6 and 48 channels