Navigation Assistance System (NAS)

In collaboration with Scanmatic, Norsafe offers the NAS (Navigation Assistance System) to its customers.

During free-fall drops in rough sea and conditions direction of the lifeboat might vary as the boat surfaces. Smoke, fog, darkness and limited vision might disorient the operator of his position to the installation. It is also very difficult to navigate rough sea with a traditional compass. Traditionally, navigation systems onboard life boats do not provide any guidance to safe escape direction after launch. The NAS brings easy to read, visual information to the pilot, helping him choose a safe direction away from the escape point also in limited visibility due to smoke, fog or darkness.

NAS (Navigation Assistance System) logs and locks course information from the point of drop, alerting the operator after-drop of his current position to the initial drop position and angle, enabling the operator to direct the lifeboat away from the installation no matter visibility. The NAS’ “black box functionality” logs 6 DOF angles and accelerations at 100 Hz for 1 hour from the time of life boat launch. The logfile is stored in none volatile memory and can be downloaded to a PC through the USB interface for analysis.


• Robust – made for rugged use and life boat drop environments.
• Virtually maintenance free.
• Self check diagnostics.
• Startup time: Less than 10 seconds.
• Continuous logging and storage of up to one hour of sensor data.
• Prepared for interface towards input from and control of external systems e.g. rudder indicators/pumps and gear/engine control.
• Designed to meet DNV Offshore Standard DNV-OS-E406 “Design of Free Fall Lifeboats”, April 2009.
• More than 10 years expected life time.