Rudder Indicator

The rudder indicator system will continuously monitor and indicates the position of your rudder. Whether you are mancsuvring, power steering or changing course, an accurate readout of the rudder position will be displayed on a tricoloured three-inch display.

As the lifeboat hits the surface during free-fall drop the rudder might change position due to the tremendous forces at work. The operator will know instantly with the rudder indicator if the rudder is correctly aligned with desired course away from the vessel or installation.

The indicator is easy to use. Green color indicates degree starboard and red outlines degree portside.

A basic system will consist of a Master station indicator and a Feedback Unit for signal input. Up to five additional "repeater stations" can be installed using a repeater. Both the master and repeater have a backlit translucent display with an optional dimmer and are waterproof on the front face.