Simulated Free Fall - SIM MKII

The simulated free fall solution is an independent system that latches on to the boat and secures it thorough 4 metal plates. This allows for testing of the release mechanism without actually performing a free fall drop. The simulated free fall system complies with current regulation (SOLAS; part B, regulation 19 – “Emergency training and drills”) which states that free fall systems must be tested and released regularly. In short, this means that the operator does not have to spend time and resources getting the lifeboat back into the davit, nor make extensive preparations as associated with standard lifeboat testing.

The free fall lifeboat is connected to the davit with a hook on the release bracket attached to the boat. The hook is firmly secured
through a bolt on the davit which holds the boat in place. To release the lifeboat a hydraulic cylinder is pumped outwards by a manual
hydraulic pump. The cylinder lifts the aft end of the lifeboat. The hook on the release bracket is then lifted free from the davit bolt and the lifeboat slides down the davit (shown in images underneath).

Hydraulic pumps are mounted at the helmsman seat, and should this system fail to operate an identical and totally separate system is
installed at the aft bulkhead.

To simulate a free fall, four plates are bolted to the hooks on the release bracket as an extension of the hooks. This allows for boat to
be lifted but prevents the boat from launching, as shown in the images underneath. With the simulated free fall system a safe and easy test can be conducted without having to drop the lifeboat. (shown in images underneath).