Keeping people safe is at the heart of everything we do. Since we began in 1903, our mission has been to design and manufacture high quality life-saving appliances using the latest techniques and materials to protect seafarers and offshore workers worldwide.


Keeping people safe is at the heart of everything we do. Since we began in 1903, our mission has been to design and manufacture high quality life-saving appliances using the latest techniques and materials to protect seafarers and offshore workers worldwide.


Norsafe at a glance

We supply a comprehensive range of products and services developed through consultation with customers, equipment end-users and the maritime industry’s regulatory authorities.

All our products are manufactured in accordance with the latest SOLAS requirements and are approved by the leading National and Certifying Authorities for both ships and offshore use, backed up with a 24/7 service network providing maintenance from over 300 ports worldwide.

Our two academies in Norway and Greece have a comprehensive list of training programmes available for seafarers and offshore workers. Our courses are STCW and Norwegian Oil and Gas (NOROG) compliant and training takes place using the latest LSA.

In 2018, Norsafe was acquired by VIKING Life-Saving Equipment, a global market leader in maritime and offshore safety headquartered in Denmark. The joining of forces between the two companies ensure a unique and unmatched product and service offering in the maritime safety industry worldwide. Read more about VIKING here.

What we do

Freefall Lifeboats
Used to provide rapid evacuation in emergencies via a ramp, hitting the water well away from the mothership or offshore installation. Our largest boats can withstand drops from up to 50 metres and we supply davits adapted to suit all on-board conditions.

Conventional Lifeboats
For use on ships and offshore installations. Each lifeboat is totally enclosed and varies in capacity from 26 to 150 persons.

Daughter Craft
Designed to operate away from the mother ship or offshore installations for extended periods. Suitable for all types of marine and SAR missions.

Rescue Boats
A highly manoeuvrable and fast range of boats with a low freeboard to facilitate rescue operations and patrols.

Work Boats
Built in accordance with the DNV 2.21 Craft regulations, our work boats are designed for a wide range of services from seismic activities, oil spill recovery, fish farming and dive support to inspection, survey and towing duties.

A wide range is available to help launch conventional and freefall lifeboats, liferafts and rescue boats.

Following industry feedback, our new generation on-load hook release systems have been designed for clarity of operation, low maintenance use, and security against premature release.

Military and Professional
A trusted range of high quality boats designed to operate for extended periods away from the shore or mothership. The layout and high performance of the boats make them ideal for patrol, assistance and special applications including operations in hostile areas.

As a complete provider within maritime safety, Norsafe offers courses and training through Norsafe Academy, with state-of-the-art training facilities at the Port of Lavrion in Greece and at Rosendal in Norway. 

Norsafe Group has a network of 45 authorised service partners spread across all continents, operating from 300 ports worldwide.  

The Norsafe Way

Better by Design
Norsafe has been designing and building boats since 1903 and our talented staff have always strived to be at the forefront of innovation, continually pushing the boundaries of product development to provide the most technically advanced LSA for use at sea.

Our Core Values
Reliable: We aim for a trustworthy organisation, where integrity and fairness are reflected in all our business activities. We deliver on the commitments that we make.

Positive: We aspire to have a "can-do" attitude when interacting with our colleagues and clients. We are solution-oriented, expecting the best possible outcome in every situation.

Cooperative: We believe that our strong results are achieved through cooperation, sharing knowledge and open communication, both internally and towards our business partners.

Innovative: Our knowledge, market understanding and curiosity to learn more, gives us an excellent platform for innovative solutions. We celebrate new thinking and great ideas.

Quality Assured
We use the best materials and technology in our products and all of them are designed and manufactured in accordance with SOLAS, Classification Society and National Authority requirements. Our Life Saving Appliances are approved and Wheel Marked in compliance with the EC Marine Equipment Directive.

Our experienced service engineers can help with the commissioning of the equipment and should be present at every installation. This ensures that start up procedures are correctly completed before supporting the client by supervising on-board testing with flag nation or inspectors present.

Maintenance, Repair and Customer Service
We have a team of qualified service engineers available to undertake the maintenance or repair of our equipment anywhere in the world 24/7. We currently have more than 50 authorised global service stations which, combined with our main service hubs, can provide spare parts, full repair facilities as well as annual and 5 year inspections, a mandatory requirement in accordance with SOLAS regulations.

Our customer service team supports our network of service stations by scheduling jobs, organising spare part deliveries, providing technical assistance and managing customer maintenance agreements.

We can provide worldwide safety training at your premises, at offshore locations or at our own Norsafe Academy training centres. We have two training centres, one in Norway and the other in Greece and both sites offer product and STCW training.

We can also design training programmes tailored to your specific needs. In addition, our training centre in Rosendal, Norway provides specific Norwegian Oil & Gas (NOROG) approved courses for offshore personnel, and is equipped with the highest freefall test tower in the North Sea.

Maintenance and operational training for crew is also available and is vital for ensuring confidence in both using and keeping LSA intact so that it performs correctly in an emergency.

Norsafe Worldwide

Norsafe has true global coverage with its network of certified service agents able to provide maintenance checks in over 300 ports worldwide. We were the first European lifeboat manufacturer to invest in full production facilities in China and also have manufacturing facilities in Greece and Norway.

The Norsafe Group is made up of 13 worldwide offices including its head office in Norway. Our offices are spread across strategically important global maritime locations.