Serving the Marine and Offshore industry since 1903

We serve our clients throughout the lifetime of the LSA, ensuring operational safety and compliance with the latest industry regulations.
Service Agreements
Norsafe CARE Plan is an organised approach towards lifeboat maintenance, focusing on the main areas of service management to provide operational safety and predictability in your maintenance budget.
Upgrades and Refurbishments
Norsafe’s experienced service team have the flexibility and technical capabilities to partner with customers to find the right solution for specific project needs, as well as complying with regulatory requirements in a cost-effective way.
Annual and 5 yearly inspections
Whether it is a single vessel, a platform or the whole fleet, Norsafe Services combines its product expertise, technology and global network to keep your equipment compliant with the latest applicable regulations and technical requirements.
Spare Parts
Regular maintenance is key to ensuring the operational safety of your equipment, and to reduce maintenance costs. The availability of the right spare parts also contributes to operational readiness by avoiding the risk of delays.
Hook replacements
Norsafe’s TOR release system has set the industry standard for over 30 years.